Once there was a dude.
This dude chilled out and layed some loOpz.
Now the dude is known as the GoOzer.

Cello+LoOpstation, acoustic lounge groOve, folky støff and classical funk improv!
That's what's it all about

Live a GoOzy life...

The GoOzer has a plan.

The plan involves his cello and a lot of thingies.

Some of them thingies are weird.

And this weirdness is what inspires the GoOzer.

It is the way of the GoOzeness...


To explain the true goal of the plan,

is impossible.


The only thing that matters,

is that the dude got GoOzed...

FoOga 9 Hugojam The Kozak Sequence Electronic GoOze


FoOga 9 for cello & loOpstation
Drafts might one day be GoOzy-tunes...


because of the goOzy, but low frequency of the fønky bassline, please use speakers or headphones :)


The GoOzer at the Colestreet


Electronic GoOze at Electronic Frequencies for the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam...

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